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About Me...

Dion Johnson

Award winning Women's Leadership Development Consultant, Internationally sought-after Speaker & Strategic Ally to Women in Senior Leadership around the globe. 

Dubbed "The Womanologist" because of her masterful capacity to create powerful, supportive connections that help, particularly women thrive through challenging professional problems and processes. 

Dion works behind the global leadership scenes with some of the most influential women across sectors and industries through her two companies, Woman Leader Global & Dion Johnson Consulting;  her passion is unmasking the hidden inner narrative about what it means to be a credible influencer in today’s fast changing work space. 

Her clients are Queens of Industry, Chief Executives, Directors and Strategic Leads across sectors and industries because Dion knows that when these women truly thrive (not just act like they are thriving) so do boards, organisations, industries and ultimately our world. 

Dion was born with a pronounced facial disfigurement and from the age of four until well into her forties, she wore an artificial eye and dark glasses to ‘mask’ her facial flaws. 

Her story of unmasking and learning how to show up, be seen, heard and taken seriously professionally and personally in her own leadership and life is a powerful metaphor that is now captivating and inspiring senior women across the globe to Show Up, Speak Up and Shake Things the hell Up! within their sphere of influence too;  

Over the last ten years she has developed and refined  The WOMAN INFLUENCE Philosophy(TM), her signature leader development framework that forms the basis of all Dion's teachings.

Her second book Woman Influence: Five Contemporary ideas about being a woman in senior leadership at such a time as this” is set for release in spring 2018  

Queen of Industry?

Senior leader power struggles and work-life pressure are an inevitable part of the senior leadership experience; BUT, you don't have to go it alone. 

Together we turn it into the fuel for for your on-going development as a woman, leader and change-maker. 

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